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It’s MYYYY Chair!

9 Jan

09 my chair

So I’ve had a tiring and frustrating day slaving over hot computers to earn a crust to pay for catfood and I finally get some down time and head for the living room and the telly and WHO is sleeping on MYYYY chair? Not Goldilocks! The psychokitteh, Sparta Puss. On my nice fleecy blankie. And if I move her I risk a revenge dead-rat attack. When I least expect it. She’ll get me. Oh the humanity!

The High Road – Oil Painting

9 Jan

This is a very interesting tecchie blog. I’m not a painter so it’s fascinating for me to see the techniques used by an expert painter.


I’m making a conscious effort to draw with paint but not loose the connection with realism. Its all too easy to get involved with the luscious paint and revel in its interactions. Speaking of which, I did introduce a colour I don’t normally use in landscape, Alizarin Crimson, and had a bit of fun playing with this intense colour. The need for staying in touch with reality prompted me to distribute it in every area of the painting. This gave a ‘pinkish’ look to the painting. But it was uniform and not on its own in an area which would become isolated from the rest of the scene. This harmony of colour is a natural part of landscape.

I’m using Liquin and this makes the drawing with paint a lot easier. Its only introduced in the later stages, when I need lines of paint to sit cleanly on top of…

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