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Love And The Labyrinth

13 Jan

13 labyrinth

It was a bright, sunny, though cold, afternoon and Husb and I strolled up the hill to Rosehill Quarry to walk the labyrinth. It’s based on an ancient Cretan design and is cut into the grass, the incised path filled with crushed cockle shells that are a by-product of the local seafood industry. It’s an important place for Husb and me because this is where we met twenty seven years ago. Back in the 1980’s, Britain was in the middle of a terrible economic recession, there was mass unemployment, especially affecting young people and graduates and there was a Conservative government in power. Sound familiar? Husb and I were both out of work and ended up involved in a job creation programme that paid unemployed people to work part-time on community projects.

Local residents had started a group to reclaim this amazing inner-city wild space and turn it into one of the first urban wildlife refuges in the country. The Cretan labyrinth is a lasting legacy of their vision and foresight. And Husb and I have been together ever since :). This was scribbled quickly – it was so cold – into my small Khadi hand-made paper sketchbook with conte crayon in white, sanguine and black, with highlights and lowlights picked out in oil pastels and compressed charcoal. I had previously prepared the paper with a random wash of dilute Indian ink.

If you’re in the Swansea area, please do visit Rosehill Quarry and walk the labyrinth for yourself. If it isn’t walked regularly, it will simply disappear. Here it is on Google Maps.


By the way, this is my 500th post 😀 😀 😀 Thank you for reading x

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