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Cat And The Pencil Museum

3 Feb

03 cats an pencils

Still wrapped up in a blankie indoors getting more and more fed up, which probably means I’m on the mend. I’m fed up drawing the cats and fed up with my drawing pens so I had a scribble with Ming The Merciless into a larger A3 sketchbook and used some Derwent Academy watercolour pencils for the scribbling action. Now I’m not a big fan of pencils, or watercolours, but it’s a good exercise to break out of your comfort zone occasionally.

Derwent makes its pencils in the lovely Lake District town of Keswick and it is the home of the national pencil museum. Seriously, it’s a great place with the country’s longest pencil, some World War II RAF covert pencils and a factory shop. It’s brilliant. And so’s the Lake District.


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