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In The Beginning… (life drawings – nudes)

22 Feb

22 life 1 22 life 2 22 life 3

In the beginning there is the sketch. And it may be good. Or it may be rubbish. But even if it’s rubbish, it’s still useful because I can look at it critically and work out what’s wrong with it and that’s learning something. Here are three pages from my life drawing sketchbook. The middle one is being developed into a large mixed media piece and I’ll also work it up as a large monotype. The top one is OK, but I think the pose is a bit boring so I won’t develop it any further. The bottom one ….. well I lost the plot that night!

Fountain Fine Art: Welsh Emerging Artists I’m one of them…

22 Feb

Here’s a blog about an exhibition that my work is featuring in, opening tomorrow. So if you’re in the Llandeilo area Saturday evening (March 23rd) please pop in for art and cake, 7-9pm.

Rose 🙂


Fountain Fine Art: Welsh Emerging Artists I’m one of them….

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