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Up The Swans!

26 Feb

26 swans

Our Swansea City Football Team (that’s soccer to anyone outside Britain) has won the League Cup and everyone’s going bonkers!!!!! It’s been a tough recession for the city but the crowds came out in force this afternoon to cheer the victorious team as they paraded through the city in a double decker bus. The atmosphere was terrific – optimistic and happy. I scribbled a few people in the crowd. It’s an excuse to wear daft hats and scarves in black and white, the team colours. Cyril the Swan, our mascot, was on the victory bus too. He’s been voted best mascot in the UK and been arrested, sent off and banned for fighting and swearing. He’s a hell of a bird!


Doodlemum’s Competition.

26 Feb

The marvellous blogger, Doodlemum, who lives not far from me, is having a competition for a copy of her new book, signed by the entire family (if she can get Arnie the cat and Bonnie the dog to agree). If you email her a drawing of someone in your family, her children will pick the winner  🙂


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