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Cat ‘n’ Cheeses

3 Mar

03 foodie

I spent a busy morning at the print workshop, making a small edition from a photopolymer intaglio plate for the excellent Leftovers IV. It’s a little portrait of Sparta Puss, my furry feline felon.

When I got back, I settled into my comfy chair with a modest cheese sandwich and a mug of tea for a late lunch. I was idly channel-hopping and locked onto a programme that was simultaneously revolting and fascinating. It’s called Man vs Food. O!M!G! People actually eat like THAT?!

03 manvsfood

My little cheese sarnie had two skinny slices of brie. This guy had THREE AND A HALF POUNDS of 14 different molten cheeses in his toastie. YCHYFI! (That’s Welsh for GROSS!). I’d never seen this programme before. I’ll definitely watch it again 😀

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