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Partied Out!

24 Mar

24 maurice

I didn’t blog yesterday because I was out partying! Doesn’t happen often these days because I prefer to stay tucked up in a blankie on the settee in front of the telly – rock ‘n’ roll eh? A load of us went to the theatre in Neath to celebrate a friend’s birthday and we saw an hilarious comedy / musical cabaret act, Bourgeois and Maurice. That’s Maurice above. She was fairly easy to draw because she didn’t move round much – that’s important for an artist 🙂

Her brother, Georgeois Bourgeois, however, was much harder because he is a very physical comedian, throwing himself all over the stage.

24 bourgeois

I only had seconds to try and capture him. Then we went off to a really sleazy rock pub, but that’s for another blog 😀

International Women’s Day- A&E

24 Mar

A beautiful drawing from a relatively new blogger with a love of sketchbooks………

International Women’s Day- A&E.

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