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Partied Out Part 2

25 Mar

25 Neath

Back on Saturday night, after seeing the fabulous Bourgeois and Maurice in Neath, we decamped to a pub I hadn’t been in since the mid-’70’s. It’s one of those old heavy metal rock pubs, really dark and grimy with ripped seats, and walls and floors stained by the abuses of many generations of rock fans. There was a metal band at their headbanging best when we arrived but they soon finished and after some classic rock from the DJ at earsplitting volume, a really mediocre band came on so we left. When I was young I’d have been lubricated with plenty of beer and the bands would have sounded a lot better.  Funny that.

The pub was very gloomy and old, quite Gothic and it was interesting to draw a dark place in the dark, so a lot of it is sort of feeling my way round the paper rather than looking at it. It’s also the very last page in my blue silk recycled paper sketchbook, size A6 that I’ve really enjoyed filling. Drawn with a Pentel V5 pen, size 0.5mm.

Husb and I are such lightweights these days; we were home and cwtched in bed by 11pm 🙂

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