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Tired And Manky

27 Mar

step 1I spent the afternoon at Swansea Print Workshop, editioning a photopolymer intaglio plate. First I cut 15 pieces of BFK Rives 250gsm paper and put them to soak in clean water. I set up my workspace around the hotplate that I preheated and put some Intaglio Printmaker’s drypoint shop mix oil-based ink in black onto the glass work surface and mixed it a bit with a mini squeegee to get it nice and malleable.

step 2

I spread the ink over the  photopolymer plate that I’d put onto the hotplate (with newspaper to keep the hotplate clean). Once it was well covered, I removed excess ink with the edge of a piece of stiff card then took the photopolymer plate off the heat and onto the work surface to continue removing the ink with a piece of washed scrim.

step 3

After a final polish on the areas I want to highlight, I cleaned the edges of the plate with a rag and put the plate onto the small Inverleith etching press. I’d already placed a registration sheet on the press bed and covered it with a piece of acetate to keep it clean. Then, using ‘paper fingers’ I took one of the pieces of paper, that had soaked for about an hour, from the tray.

step 4

I schlepped it against a white board and squegeed it once to get rid of excess surface water, then put it between several sheets of blotting paper and rolled it a couple of times so it was damp, not sodden.

step 5

Again with clean ‘paper fingers’, I placed the paper carefully onto the inked plate, put a piece of clean tissue on top then the three swansdown blankets and turned the wheel to take the whole lot through the press.

step 6

Phew! A perfect print. But I’m tired and manky. 🙂


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