Out Of The Darkness (female nude)

I’m off to the USA in a few hours to work in Wingtip Press with a group of artists from Idaho, Utah and Oregon. I’m so excited!!!! On one of the days, I’ll be leading the group in a drawing workshop, using the maniere noire style. The phrase means ‘in the dark manner’ and isContinue reading “Out Of The Darkness (female nude)”

Drawn In The USA

Yeah I know, that’s a cheesy title. But what do you expect from an ageing rock chick??!! In 48 hours I will be in Boise, Idaho, working with a group of artists in Wingtip Press. And I’m getting really nervous now, so I’m checking and double checking my lists and I don’t know how manyContinue reading “Drawn In The USA”

Ciaou Miaou

Greetings bald monkeys. Sparta Puss here. I have taken control of the pooter box while the apes are out. It’s been a while. The monkeys play with their pooters all the time. Anyway, lots been happening since I last addressed you. I’ve been hunting loads of rats and bringing them in and throwing them atContinue reading “Ciaou Miaou”

A Lady In Black (Female Nude)

Just got back from this evening’s life drawing session at Swansea Print Workshop. This model is great, full of character with a very complex face. I used a piece of discarded mountboard (matte) that I prepared with 2 coats of acrylic gesso. When it dried I sponged an ink wash randomly across the surface. ThisContinue reading “A Lady In Black (Female Nude)”

Pressing The Piggah!

I spent the afternoon at Swansea Print Workshop, inking and pressing a little lino block I’d cut earlier this week. The subject is Arthur, the Mangalitza boar from Pontyates. I forgot to take my digital camera so tried using the camera on my phone. It’s rubbish and really complicated to get the image onto myContinue reading “Pressing The Piggah!”

Bones And Brown Paper

I like studying anatomy. I love the interface between art and science. Sometimes I get access to a skeleton and scribble happily for hours. These drawings are on very large sheets of brown wrapping paper, using black, white and sanguine conte crayons. Working on this scale gave me the chance to focus on mark-making ratherContinue reading “Bones And Brown Paper”

Feathery Fidgety Fellows

I’m part of an artist collective called Commensalis that aims to organise pop-up exhibitions in quirky places to get our work seen by a good cross-section of people, not only dedicated artanistas. We’ve found a geat mortuary chapel in Bath, UK and we’re busy raising some money through crowd-funding to cover the costs of puttingContinue reading “Feathery Fidgety Fellows”

Nude And Flower

Here’s a life drawing of one of our older models; a retired teacher who is covered with tattoos. I drew her in Faber Castell Pitt drawing pens and black and white conte crayon, onto a piece of mountboard that I’d prepared with a couple of coats of acrylic gesso and then randomly sponged some IndianContinue reading “Nude And Flower”