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Artistic License In Buckets

2 Apr

02 hot bay

It’s been a gorgeous bright, sunny day, although very cold, so Husb and I headed for the beach this evening for a spot of scribbling and fresh air. I re-used a board that was a failed experiment. It had some images in rhodamine red oil pigment overlaid with lemon yellow and I wasn’t happy with it so I dug it out of a cupboard and scribbled over it in oilbars – yellow ochre, white, ultramarine and black, thinned to varying degrees of translucency with the neutral oil bar. Finally I put in some marram grass with Hooker’s Green.

Now here’s where the artistic license comes in. This is Swansea beach. In Swansea weather. Under a Swansea sky. So if anyone’s tempted to book the next fight to this red hot landscape, forget it. I’ve substituted the searing pinks and oranges for various shades of grey. It’s not a bit like this really. But I’m an artist so I can do it. Ner ner nerner ner 😛

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