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A day in the life of a box.

28 Apr

Today’s delightful blog from Doodlemum with Arnie the Cat taking centre stage……


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Drawn In The USA

28 Apr

28 studio

Yeah I know, that’s a cheesy title. But what do you expect from an ageing rock chick??!! In 48 hours I will be in Boise, Idaho, working with a group of artists in Wingtip Press. And I’m getting really nervous now, so I’m checking and double checking my lists and I don’t know how many times I’ve made sure my passport is packed and other obsessive stuff. I’ll be doing loads of drawing when I’m in the USA and I like to draw on pre-coloured paper, so here’s some I prepared earlier. I have a mixture of papers; it’ll be interesting to try out some papers I’ve had for ages and not used before; Bockingford, Arches, Somerset, Aquarelle and WSH. I’ve coloured some of the more robust ones with oil pigment – rhodamine red and yellow ochre – after coating them with gesso first. Others I’ve coated with ink wash and I’ve also included a discarded cyanotype (on Bockingford) that I recycled – that’s the one in the front on the right.

I’m just tying up loose ends here but I’ll probably be faffing around until the last minute and you can bet that once I’m on the coach for Heathrow, I’ll remember something I haven’t packed! I’ll be blogging every day from Boise so you can follow my adventures with rattlesnakes and coyotes. Drawn In The USA is the name of the ‘project’ that I put together for funding from Arts Council Wales, who are contirubuting towards the travel costs.

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