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1 May

In a foreign country! In a posh hotel in San Francisco! Could be worse I s’pose :).

Ever had one of those days? Aeroplane delayed in London; huge queue at American Immigration; missed the connecting flight; not another one until tomorrow! So the airline had to put me up for the night. Which is why I’m in San Francisco, not Boise.

Not a problem except that here I am on the other side of the world, in the wrong place and no-one knows I’m here. No problem – I’ll phone them. But my mobile phone network doesn’t work here. So I thought I’d email from one of those pay as you go email terminals in the airport. Except that my email provider and Facebook decided that I was a hacker and  locked my accounts down. Like I’m supposed to let Hotmail and Facebook know when I’m travelling abroad? pppfffttt! I finally settled on making a hugely expensive International call from the hotel to Husb who was fast asleep because it was 4am back home and he did some international calling and emailing to the people in Boise who had been waiting in vain for me to step off the plane. So it’s sorted now – as long as I get on that plane tomorrow!

WordPress recognises me so I can still communicate with the world through the hotel’s complimentary Internet access. Unfortunately, the leads that connect my camera to the computer that allows me to photograph all the sketches I did today and post them on my blog – is in Boise. So are my clothes and toiletries. So I’m in this posh hotel, surrounded by sparkling posh people, and I’m all smelly and dishevelled, like a mad old cat lady. Well, mad middle-aged cat lady. With a sketchbook………

This artist residency is supported by Wales Arts International and Arts Council Wales.


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