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Harleys And Petroglyphs

6 May


I realized today that I’m actually in the Wild West, taking a road trip to sketch in different parts of Idaho. First we went to Snake River! What a great name. We trekked through the fantastic desert landscape to find some ancient petroglyphs carved into 15,000 year old Bonneville Flood Melon Gravel boulders at Celebration Park.

It was punishingly hot and after a gorgeous picnic we set out to find Idaho City an hour or so north of Boise. Now, city is a word that described the place when it was founded about 150 years ago. It’s built of wood with boardwalks instead of pavements and dirt roads. It’s a brilliant place that looks like it’s straight out of a movie. We quenched our thirst in Harley’s Biker Bar on Main Street (there were only a couple more streets), probably the only people supping soft drinks in there. I scribbled this.


The chaps wore leather chaps! Don’t get that at home.

This residency was partially funded by Wales Arts International and Arts Council Wales.


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