Just spent a happy couple of hours at the fabulous Wingtip Press in Boise, Idaho, proof printing some little Lino blocks I cut from drawings of Snake River petroglyphs. Here are the blocks inked and raring to go onto the press. It is their destiny. And here is my little set of four petroglyphs……. IContinue reading “Post-Muckiness….”

Mucky Time!

Another very hot day in Boise, Idaho and I spent the morning with Amy and Arun at Wingtip Press, setting up a simple exhibition of the work done by our collaborative group of seven artists. I’m really pleased with it and we’re going to continue our collaboration when I come home and expand the groupContinue reading “Mucky Time!”

Making Cuts

Today in Boise, Idaho, I spent a very pleasant morning with Gale who blogs most excellently as Paperstew, then I gave an artist talk to some lovely printmaking students at Boise State University then spent some time at Wingtip Press, cutting some Lino blocks based on my recent drawings of petroglyphs carved into boulders atContinue reading “Making Cuts”