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Burry Port, gateway to eternity

14 May

Burry Port, gateway to eternity.

More bonkers Tales from Wales ………


14 May

14 Indian lady on plane

I’m back from the artist residency in Boise, Idaho after a 28 hour journey. OOOOFFFF! I scribbled some of my travelling companions on my way there and back. This is a very nice, very elderly Indian lady who sat next to me on the plane from Heathrow to San Francisco. She slept for a lot of the journey so I had a chance to do a longer study with some really good foreshortening.

14 nun on plane

And on the way back, I sat next to a nun and a young Irishman. Here they are fast asleep over Canada with some other passengers in the background, cwtched into their fleecy blankets. It was cold and dark, not ideal conditions for scribbling.

This artist residency has been supported by Wales Arts International and Arts Council Wales.


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