Chalk And Cheese

28 May

28 chalk cheese

I’m trying to push myself out of my comfort zone, which is tiny ink drawings made into weeny little sketchbooks. I’ve promised myself that I’ll try to work in chalk and charcoal on a larger at least once a week. Here’s the head of a man onto a rough hand-made paper that I bought at The Tate gallery and prepared with a dark ink wash; it’s a little smaller than A3 size.

It’s been really cold here and pouring with rain. I’ve been wearing winter clothes and boots and I’m constantly hungry, so I’ve been munching on the cheese in the fridge; a fine local farmhouse extra mature cheddar, a deliciously sweet Gruyere and a lovely piece of Y Fenni, a Welsh cheese infused with mustard seed, all bought from the most excellent Swansea Market. I also managed to buy some cut-price-almost-out-of-date luxury fishcakes from the Co-op that oozed hot, liquid Emmental when they were cooked this evening. I’m cheesed-out!

The origin of the phrase ‘Chalk And Cheese’ is likely from John Gower’s Middle English text ‘Confessio Amantis’ from 1390.

5 Responses to “Chalk And Cheese”

  1. allesistgut May 29, 2013 at 08:07 #

    I’m getting hungry while reading your posting. All this delicious cheese. Yummy! And it’s always worth to go out of the comfort zone. Go on and discover the new! 🙂 Have a lovely day!

  2. veronicacay May 28, 2013 at 21:41 #

    wow Rosie if this is pushing out of your comfort zone – keep on pushing – oozes pathos.

    • Rosie Scribblah May 28, 2013 at 21:43 #

      Thank you – it’s not a good likeness but it’s only a quick sketch…..

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