More Kitteh Scribbles And Food Porn

Got almost to the end of the day without doing ANY art. So I grabbed the piece of kitty scribbling I started the other night and carried on with it. Sparta was mooching around on MY chair so I did a few scribbles of her and then just played with my old-fashioned dip pen andContinue reading “More Kitteh Scribbles And Food Porn”

Bristol And The Beeb

Husb and I went over the border to Bristol today for a delightful day at Spike Print Studio, where three exceptional printmakers did a series of demonstrations and talks about their practice. We walked along the riverbank up to the Mud Dock Deli for lunch and sat upstairs on the mezzanine while I drew theContinue reading “Bristol And The Beeb”

Spreading It About.

Like many artists I have to do lots of different things to make ends meet and I sometimes work with adult drug and alcohol addicts, developing educational and social skills through creative expression. Which is a bit of a posh way of saying I teach art. I thought I’d show some of the work myContinue reading “Spreading It About.”

Keep At It

Just back from life drawing at Swansea Print Workshop. I did five drawings over 2 hours and each one was better than the last. It’s not unusual to be a bit rusty at the beginning, but you’ve got to keep at it and not get demoralised. Below are the first four drawings and above theContinue reading “Keep At It”

Singing In The Shower

I like singing in the shower. I’m not trying to impress anyone, just singing away for the fun of it, so there’s no pressure. Sometimes I do that with drawing; not often enough to be honest. When I was a kid I doodled all the time but now I always seem to be trying toContinue reading “Singing In The Shower”

Industrial Scribbling

Sunshine all day – yaayyy Summer at last. ‘The Industrial Valley’ is the theme for an exhibition coming up in the Autumn for members of Swansea Print Workshop. Some of us are organising a series of drawing days to do preliminary studies for this and today a small group of printmakers went up the DulaisContinue reading “Industrial Scribbling”

An Inky Threesome

Had a hard day at Swansea Print Workshop today. It was very busy with 6 printmakers working flat out. I was working with Gayle and Chris developing some 3-colour reduction monotypes. I wanted to get in a bit of portraiture practice, working directly from a simple black and white drawing, while the other two wantedContinue reading “An Inky Threesome”

Kisses And Food Porn

Kissing Paper by Lucy Read is a day and night of drawing shenanigans at The Cove in Swansea. Husb and I went earlier today and got stuck in. We painted our lips with a black goo (I think it was graphite and something….) and kissed in sequence…a piece of sellotape, a piece of tissue andContinue reading “Kisses And Food Porn”