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Metal Man

2 Jun

02 Toms man

I spent a couple of days invigilating the Twelve:34 exhibition at Fringe Arts Bath and I set up a small easel and used the time constructively to do some drawing. I rarely draw buildings so it was good discipline for me, although pretty tough, to spend several hours drawing an interior. It’s hard for me to inject some emotion and atmosphere into it and it’s all too easy to end up with a technical drawing.

I spent some time choosing what to draw and decided ot put Tom Warren’s extraordinary lifesize metal sculpture in the foreground. I used a traditional dip pen, Indian ink, ink wash, white ink onto a recycled piece of Somerset Velvet, approximately A3 that I’d prepared with a teabag stain. Although the room is compltely white, I played with markmaking and ink overlays to create some atmosphere.

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