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14 Jun

14 doldrums

I did a lot of artwork when I was in the USA last month but since I’ve been back I’ve really been in the doldrums. I’ve had the artist equivalent of writer’s block and the past few days in particular have been very frustrating. I realised today that I just have to get off my backside when I’m in that mood and scribble – it doesn’t matter what, it doesn’t matter if it’s good, bad or indifferent – just get stuck in and get my hands dirty. I felt a lot better afterwards, like taking exercise. It’s easy to forget that art is a very physical process as well as a cerebral one and it’s easy to spend too much time thinking, reading and researching.

I almost always work from life, so it was a bit odd to do these drawings from ‘my head’ but maybe I should do more; other artists work from within so perhaps I should give it a go. I scribbled on some huge pieces of paper that I found jammed into a bin down the print workshop a while back. Someone had over-soaked them and they were falling apart so I rescued them, stuck them onto a huge board and sized and coloured them with rabbit skin glue and yellow ochre acrylic paint. Today I scribbled on them with compressed charcoal, carbon and chalk. It doesn’t matter if I look at them tomorrow and don’t like them; I can just rub it all down and start again.

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