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Kitty Quickies

21 Jun

Some very quick scribbles, just a few seconds each, of Sparta on the windowsill, poking her head under the curtain watching the dawn chorus with murderous intent. The last one is of Ming, having a stretch on top of the boiler. Scribbled into my tiny little steampunky leather recycled sketchbook, about size A7 using a biro.



Delivery Unit Meeting-room B

21 Jun

Hilarious spoof from the cryptic pen of Notsogreat Dictator Smith

Not So Great Dictator Speaks With Words

The exploding biscuit incident set in motion a series of events designed to protect the nation and it’s leaders. Based on COBRA (Cabinet Office Briefing Room A); DUMB (Delivery Unit Meeting-room B) was a collection of all the forces of good and true in Wales. Chair of the group, Llewellyn Ap Glynog Elis-Mathias Jones XI, held the ancient and thankfully now honorary title of Executive Quim Buffer to the Royal Household. A Mathias Jones had served Wales since the Stuarts and the family still held great sway in the land.

Also around the table was T.W.P representative, Karen Fremp, Torok the elder,  South Wales Police Commissioner Alan Michael, First Minister the Rt Hon Carwyn Jones AM and Julie (the Grand Keeper of The Text).  The T.W.P representative, recently described by Carwyn as looking like the skinny Chuckle Brother, stared across the table at Llewellyn. She reached into her jacket…

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