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Kisses And Food Porn

22 Jun

22 kisses

Kissing Paper by Lucy Read is a day and night of drawing shenanigans at The Cove in Swansea. Husb and I went earlier today and got stuck in. We painted our lips with a black goo (I think it was graphite and something….) and kissed in sequence…a piece of sellotape, a piece of tissue and a piece of white paper. Lucy hung the MWAH monotypes from a line in the gallery and then we did some drawing with graphite and chalk lips that she’d made from melted down crayons and powdered graphite and chalk. I had my brand new sketchbook to break in – it’s a Laura Ashley cloth-bound notebook, size A5, so I quickly scribbled Husb and pal Elena holding their MWAH monotypes.

22 sketchbook

And the food porn?

22 food porn

Teatime. Swansea Eton Mess with morello cherries in kirsh, meringue and whipped cream. Nom. Nom. Nom.

Self Made Watercolor in Tubes

22 Jun

This is a brilliant blog about making your own paint. Artists would do this as part of their apprenticehip before the advent of ‘Colourmen’

Too Much White Paper

12 Tubes

I’ve been pretty busy the last several days making and tubing a set of watercolors for myself. I had gotten 12 tubes from Daniel Smith recently and I wanted to make one paint for each of them.

12 Tubes Swatches Tall

I can’t guarantee perfect color accuracy from my scanner, but here’s the swatches for each paint I made. I really like the way Pozzuoli Red and Nicosia Green Earth look next to each other. The Shungite Black Ochre was different from the rest. When I was mixing it with the gum arabic I noticed patches of a slightly oily sheen on top of the liquid. I know that a pigment like lamp black is naturally oily, so maybe this one is too? I really like the paint it made though and I’m planning on making a painting with just this and maybe some of the titanium white.

Here are some things I would…

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