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Singing In The Shower

26 Jun

26 shower

I like singing in the shower. I’m not trying to impress anyone, just singing away for the fun of it, so there’s no pressure. Sometimes I do that with drawing; not often enough to be honest. When I was a kid I doodled all the time but now I always seem to be trying to produce something ‘good’ or finished or polished. So I just chilled out tonight and did the scribbling equivalent of singing in the shower.

I used my dip pen and Indian ink onto a piece of recycled Bockingford that I’d stained with a soggy used teabag (no expense spared here) and just doodled away. Sparta wandered in and sat around cleaning herself so I scribbled away at her as well. I got right into ‘The Zone’, enjoying the scratchy feel of the pen onto the thick textured paper, playing with speed and pressure and just going with the flow. Drawing for fun and relaxation – I should definitely do it more often.

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