Black To White

Had a day at Swansea Print Workshop, working with a group of other artists during Open Access sessions. The organisation receives very little public funding and is mostly run by it’s member / volunteers, so I spent quite a bit of my time there today on the sort of admin tasks that are frustratingly uncreative,Continue reading “Black To White”

Sleepless In Swansea

I’m a lifelong insomniac, so this morning at around 5am I thought I might as well use my sleeplessness productively and grabbed a sketchbook from the side of the bed, a black Daler Rowney spiral bound A5, and using a white conte crayon, I scribbled Husb. He could sleep through anything.

My drawing blog: Black Dogs After Midnight

A weird thing happened after Husb and I visited some friends the other night.  As we drove home in the dark,  three large black dogs suddenly loomed on the road in front of the car. Husb managed to brake in time and the dogs disappeared as quickly as they had appeared. It was a shock!Continue reading “My drawing blog: Black Dogs After Midnight”

It’s The Dogs…

  Here’s an English Bull Terrier I saw on the beach this morning. It was fabulous there; very sunny, the tide fully in and crowds of people enjoying the moment – all too rare in our climate. I don’t often get a chance to draw dogs and he was far more fidgety than my kittehsContinue reading “It’s The Dogs…”

Dolby And Proud

Finally got to see the new Star Trek film this evening and it was brilliant. People like me are known as Dolbies, we stay to the bitter end, watching all the credits. I prefer the word Geeks  lol. I like to spot interesting sounding jobs and find out what they are. Today it was theContinue reading “Dolby And Proud”