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18 Jul

18 overworked

Just back from life drawing at Swansea Print Workshop (I took a Victoria Sandwich for tea break) and I concentrated on this one long pose. It’s on an A3 canvas sheet, prepared with scribbly oil bar in yellow ochre. I drew with carbon and white oil pastel. It was a nice pose but difficult with both hands and feet – lots of hard work. The right foot is way overworked; I just couldn’t get it right and kept going over it. I should have left it sketchy. Still, there’s enough in it to work from and it will probably be adapted and used in some future work.

On the Head and Shoulders of Giants

18 Jul

More bonkers hilarity from the pen of Notsogreatdictator Smith …… featuring Carwyn Jones’ nipples …. oo-er…..


On the Head and Shoulders of Giants.

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