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OUCH! And Icecream.

20 Jul

20 fortes

Went to Mumbles this morning with Husb and Maminlaw and I FELL OVER! In the street. Just like that with no warning. I don’t know how it happened, but I ended up on the pavement cut, bruised but otherwise no damage except to my pride. There was nothing for it but a medicinal icecream so Husb drove us around the coast to Forte’s icecream parlour in Limeslade where I managed a vanilla wafer. It picked me up a bit and I sketched this, with bruised and bleeding hands, mind! I suffer for my art.

There are still many Welsh / Italian cafes and icecream parlours in South Wales. Many Italians came here during the late 19th century, mostly from the Bardi region, escaping the poverty of farming to try and make a better life as miners. They established a network of cafes, icecream parlours and fish and chip shops. Forte’s is one and still make their own gorgeous icecream to an old family recipe.

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