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Dolby And Proud

23 Jul

1374613631286Finally got to see the new Star Trek film this evening and it was brilliant. People like me are known as Dolbies, we stay to the bitter end, watching all the credits. I prefer the word Geeks  lol. I like to spot interesting sounding jobs and find out what they are. Today it was the Greens Supervisor, which is something to do with Green screen work.

I’m still playing with the new tablet. I don’t think it’ll replace ‘proper’ drawing for me, but I often have to do some design work to feed into my printmaking and that’s what I’ve been doing today, doing lots of sketches of hearts that will be used in a monotype I’ll be doing tomorrow.

The app is Magic Marker which is very basic and doesn’t seem to have a wide range of colours but it’s okay for drafting up some basic designs and it’s helping me to get used to using the tablet.

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