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My drawing blog: Black Dogs After Midnight

29 Jul


A weird thing happened after Husb and I visited some friends the other night.  As we drove home in the dark,  three large black dogs suddenly loomed on the road in front of the car. Husb managed to brake in time and the dogs disappeared as quickly as they had appeared. It was a shock! It’s rare to see a dog out on its own these days, let alone three. They were big and looked well cared for. We both immediately thought of the Hounds of the Baskervilles.

I don’t usually draw dogs or night time scenes so I’ve been playing with mark-making to try to convey the darkness and suddeness of the incident. I’ve used a solid graphite pencil, 8B, for most of it, with a touch of vermillion ink. The dogs’ eyes looked orangey in the street lights.

It was over suddenly, we have no idea what happened to them or why they were roaming at that late hour.

Hilarious Blogger about Wales and superheroes: Where is the Grand Keeper of the Text?

29 Jul

Tongue-in-cheek spoof about life and superheroes in Wales from the acerbic pen of Notsogreatdictator Smith.

Where is the Grand Keeper of the Text?.

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