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What I Did All Day

16 Aug

Final 1

For the past two days I’ve been working with other artists in a public artspace doing what we do, making art and letting anyone in to see how we do it. I did a very large drawing on two layers; the background on brown parcel paper and the foreground figures in thick tracing parchment.

The background is a local street scene and the figures are based on drawings I made during a street art performance event last summer, Disruption II. I have sketchbooks full of scenes scribbled on the hoof and it’s hard to find a way to use them, so I was well pleased that I found a format for developing them.

The drawing is huge, taller than me and I ended up with really sore arms because I was drawing over my head. I used a reed pen that cost me about 50p and black drawing ink. It was a very physical drawing experience.

Here’s the drawing gestating below.

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About 70 people came in over the two days, which we’re well pleased with. A lot stayed to do some art themselves and talked to each of us about our methods and sources. It was a mixed bunch too, not just artanistas. We’re hoping to do something like this regularly because we want to demystify art; there’s too much posing in the art world and too much nonsense written about it.

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