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Crumbly Gargoyle

9 Sep

08 gargoyle

Husb and I spent a couple of days in Dieppe in North-West France last week and I did a few scribbles as I wandered around. I’m a bit of a sap for old churches, especially those with flying buttresses and gargoyles and Saint Remy has loads of crumbling gargoyles grimacing down into the narrow, cobbled streets, each different and each with gaping mouths to let the rain through. This one has a tiny little man crouching beneath him, but the church exterior is in very poor condition and many of the features are indistinct.

I forgot to prepare my sketchbook with brown wrapping paper before I went and had to use some scraps from my friend and a spray-on glue which showed through. There really isn’t a substitute for Pritt in my opinion. I drew with Faber Castell Pritt drawing pens. I’ve come back with a cold! A French lurgi, or should that be Un Lurgi Francais?

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