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DBS Week Two (the committee stage)

17 Sep

The latest instalment of this spoof on Welsh public life 🙂


DBS Week Two (the committee stage).

Rock Face

17 Sep

17 rockface

I did this sketch when Husb and I visited Stonehenge recently. It’s a large single stone some distance outside the main stone circle. It’s called the Heelstone and I was struck by it’s anthropomorphic features – it looked like a strange face from several angles. I wondered if it had been deliberate, whether the original stonemasons had carved these features, but then I found out that farmers in the not-so-distant past used to hire out hammers to tourists to chip off bits of the stones as souvenirs! So it’s probably due to vandalism.

In the background is the A 344, which is only a few yards from the stone and cuts across the ancient processional Avenue. The road’s being removed and the site restored after a government committment to UNESCO in 1986. About time too. Once it’s gone, people will be able to approach the monument as they would have when it was first built.

This is drawn into my A5 clothbound sketchbook, using Faber Castell Pitt drawing pens and Winsor & Newton watercolours.


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