I was back at Swansea Print Workshop this evening to put the final layer of ink onto my monotype – the Process Blue. It’s this final stage that either pulls the whole thing together or results in me sobbing inwardly and resolving to get a job filling shelves in a supermarket instead of ever doingContinue reading “PHEW!”

Working Like The Clappers

Did a really long session at Swansea Print Workshop as there’s nothing like a deadline to make you work like the clappers. I’m working on two full-colour monotypes at the moment. Each print has three separate layers overlaid. The first is Process Yellow, then Process Red and finally Process Blue. Today I managed to doContinue reading “Working Like The Clappers”

Pomp And Sandi

Husb and I just got back from our local theatre. We went to see Sandi Toksvig who is one of the funniest people I’ve ever heard. She had the entire theatre in hysterics for way over 2 hours and I ended up sore from laughing so much. Brilliant. I love her. The Grand Theatre isContinue reading “Pomp And Sandi”

The Baleful Look

What a day! One of those when everything that can go wrong, did. I was hoping to get cracking on some design work first thing but ended up making a start at 3pm! Never mind, I managed to get quite a bit done in the end. It’s pretty boring stuff done on a *gasp* lightbox!Continue reading “The Baleful Look”

Any Port In A Storm

The expected storm has been building all day and Husb, Teen-niece and I went for a VERY bracing walk along the seafront this morning at high tide to see the raging sea. It was fabulous but really hard work walking against the gales so we took refuge in a coveniently placed ice-cream parlour in theContinue reading “Any Port In A Storm”

Drawing In The Dark……

……. and some cupcakes! I’m a bit out of practice with my sketchbook work, I’ve not really felt like doing any drawing while I had that awful stomach bug earlier in the week and yesterday I spent catching up on getting ready for exhibitions and admin and stuff like that. Today Husb and I spentContinue reading “Drawing In The Dark……”

Sick ‘n’ Bad

That’s an old saying round here if you’re unwell, you’re sick’n’bad. I’ve had one of these horrible vicious stomach bugs that has laid me low for the past couple of days. It’s meant that my creative output has been zero; I spent all yesterday and most of this morning zonked out in bed. Things improvedContinue reading “Sick ‘n’ Bad”

Drawing Aliens

Sprogs still here and I’m still trying to draw them. It’s easy enough getting them to pose – just stick them in front of the computer or playstation and they stay quiet. If they start fidgeting, give them sweets. I’m still struggling with their impossibly huge heads, little snub noses and massive eyes. They’re aliensContinue reading “Drawing Aliens”