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Here’s A Cow

1 Oct

01 cowHusb and I spent a few days in Ireland last week and travelled up to County Clare for the first time. The scenery is spectacular but to be honest, I don’t like drawing land / sea scapes. I like to photograph them but drawing them leaves me cold. So I scribbled a cow instead. Here she is. She’s pale brown and creamy white.

We visited the Cliffs of Moher in the Burren Geopark and walked along the windswept clifftop path. It has been lined with large Liscannor flagstones, made from siltstone, that are covered with fossils; some are ‘trace’ fossils, the tracks of ancient animals in the soft mud; others are ripples from the bottom of the sea. I noticed that some of the fossil patterns look a bit like Celtic knotwork.

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