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9 Oct

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I spent the afternoon at Swansea Print Workshop, doing some preliminary studies for a small series of work I want to finish by the end of the month. I’ve been doing some sketches and photographs and I developed a working drawing from these. I scanned and printed it out to fit one of my perspex monotype plates and today I inked the plate in a black litho oil-based ink and did a reduction monotype. The photo above shows me drawing into the ink – I’m using scrim there but I also use cotton buds (Q Tips) and cocktail sticks (toothpicks) to make marks.


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Once I finished drawing, I dampened a piece of WSH & Co British Handmade Paper and took a print on the giant Radcliffe Press using a collagraph setting. I’m not sure if this paper is still manufactured, the only reference I can find to it online is of a handmade book from 1927. I was given some by a kindly benefactor and I tried it out today. It’s a beautiful wove paper but I think it may have been too textured for this technique; I normally use a very smooth paper like Zercall.

I don’t normally do preliminary prints; I generally work straight from a drawing but the series I’m planning has quite complex imagers so I’m going to press on and do a few more prelim prints to iron out any wrinkles before I start in on the major full-colour monotypes.

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