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Sick ‘n’ Bad

24 Oct

That’s an old saying round here if you’re unwell, you’re sick’n’bad. I’ve had one of these horrible vicious stomach bugs that has laid me low for the past couple of days. It’s meant that my creative output has been zero; I spent all yesterday and most of this morning zonked out in bed. Things improved this afternoon and I’ve been able to do some mindless grunt work, resizing and watermarking images of my artwork for the website I’m developing. Mind you, it’s been in development for about 4 years, but the end is in sight. Most of making a website is boring, mindless, repetitive tasks like I’ve been doing today, but that’s ok when you feel too poorly to do much else.


24 pav

So as I haven’t been able to draw while I’ve been ill, I’ll post one of my old ones. It’s a rare landscape using the 3-colour monotype technique. I was hiking down on the Gower Peninsula to the beach at Paviland. There’s a cave there, the site of an ancient burial, but it’s only accessible to experienced climbers. The rocks on the tricky path look like they’ve been melted by a celestial blowtorch. The geology is so strange that I was able to give my imagination a free rein.


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