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The Baleful Look

28 Oct

28 catfeet

What a day! One of those when everything that can go wrong, did. I was hoping to get cracking on some design work first thing but ended up making a start at 3pm! Never mind, I managed to get quite a bit done in the end. It’s pretty boring stuff done on a *gasp* lightbox! Cheating!!!!! So as penance I did a scribble of Spartapus on the footstool next to my legs, clad in skull leggings (very seasonal) and new special lightweight walking shoes, which are killing my feet, and stripey socks. She’s throwing me a baleful look. She often does that. But I still worship the floor her paws walk on. As I should, well-trained monkey that I am.

It’s drawn with Faber Castell Pitt drawing pens, sizes S, F, M and B in sepia into my cloth-bound A5 sketchbook prepared with some ripped wrapping paper stuck into it with a Pritt stick. Sorry about the blurry photo, my digital camera is playing up.


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