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OOH! AAH! Fireworks!

5 Nov

05 lad

Bonfire night! Husb and I went to the municipal firework display this evening. It was fantastic! Best one I’ve seen. Kudos to Swansea Council – a grand job. When it finished we crossed the road to the beach for the feral fireworks; thousands of teens and twenty-somethings packed onto the beach lighting bonfires and setting off fireworks in a very narrow strip of sand as the tide was fully in. Dangerous but a terrific atmosphere.

05 dad

The little kid in the top sketch was wearing a hat almost as big as his body. It had enormous flapping ears. The big Dad in the bottom drawing was dancing with his tiny daughter perched safely on his shoulders. There’s a long tradition of a fire festival at this time of year’ the Gaelic Samhain and the Celtic / Welsh Calan Gaeaf. Guy Fawkes night is relatively recent, only about 4 centuries old, The word bonfire is supposedly derived from ‘bone fire’. Apparently our ancient ancestors liked to burn people in big wicker men every winter. Not very nice at all. Bonfire night is great fun now though.

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