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6 Nov

06uglvghosta06uglvghostb06uglvghostcI’ve been making full-colour monotypes the past couple of weeks and the technique gives one intensely coloured print and one lighter, ghost, print. This is because after you’ve taken a full-colour print, you put the plate back through the press with another sheet of paper to mop up the ink remaining on the plate. Here are the three ‘ghost’ stages of the last piece I did. If you want to know more about the process, have a look at the Techie section on my website, here.

Husb and I are just back from the cinema; went to see Thor 2, The Dark World. We loved it! I was a bit strange when I was a little girl. All the other girls in school read girly comics, but I’d be devouring Marvel and DC imports – Thor was one of my favourites along with the X-Men, Silver Surfer and Doctor Strange.

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