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Digital Male Nude

9 Nov


Ben portraitI took my Samsung Galaxy 8 Tablet to life drawing a couple of weeks ago, partly to keep practicing with it and partly because I was too lazy to get my paper and drawing materials together; it’s so easy to slip a tablet into your bag and away you go. I’m not enjoying it as much as ‘proper’ materials like paper and pens because it’s very uniform and varying the pressure on the stylus doesn’t make any difference to the line. Traditional materials are much more physical and the experience is more ‘real’ in some way. Well, that’s how I feel about it anyway. But I’m quite happy with the portrait and it actually looks like the model. Which is always a plus.

ben 1 resized

I’m not so happy with this detail of the body though. I tried colouring the background before laying down some linework and the result is a bit too messy for my liking. Never mind, I’ll persevere. I used a free Magic Marker app.

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