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Practice And Pineapple Pud

11 Nov

11 mari

Here’s another page of drawing I did at last week’s life drawing session. It’s  a practice piece where I tried sketching different bits of the model for practice. Her hand was particularly difficult because of a lot of jewellery and she was clutching a handkerchief. The foot was much easier to draw. I used a variety of media; compressed charcoal, willow charcoal, carbon, white oil pastel and graphite block onto a sheet of canvas prepared with a yellow ochre oil bar to break the tyrrany of the white.

pineapple pud

Today was horrible outside, cold and rainy, so I made a proper Winter pud for Husb and Teenage Niece’s dessert, a steamed pineapple and golden syrup sponge pudding. With fresh pineapple. Which counts towards our five a day. So it’s healthy really.

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