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Scarves, Streaming and Shady Ladies

17 Nov

17 santa scarf

I love where I live. The annual Santa’s parade came round again this evening and Husb and I went down to the main road at the end of our street to watch it go by. Some of my Muslim neighbours were out in their headscarves and Ugg boots enjoying the celebrations with their kids.

17 santa streaming

And next to me was a young African student in wild red and black checked shorts (it’s quite mild here at the moment). He was filming it all on his I Pad and streaming it to relatives back home.

17 santa shady ladiesThere’s a brothel opposite and some of the shady ladies came out and sat on the windowstill to see the parade. The large man seemed to be one of their regulars. I heard him say that he’d be up after Santa had gone. It was great standing in the street with thousands of people from all walks of life, all having a lovely time, all sober, all enjoying ourselves. Nice 😀

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