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The Icelandic Hat

31 Dec


Just over a year ago, Husb and I were striding across glaciers in Iceland. Husb had forgotten to take a winter hat with him and he bought a locally made, hand knitted traditional hat. He dug it out this week because the weather has been so bad, so I nabbed him for a scribble on my Samsung Galaxy Tablet using the Magic Marker app.

It’s been a strange year, coming to terms with the loss of a much loved family member and sometimes it’s been quite a struggle,but drawing and blogging every day has been a good focus for me. I hope that everyone has a happy and fulfilling year ahead.

Filling In The Spaces

30 Dec


Here’s another digital drawing I did yesterday when I was visiting friends in Pembrokeshire. It was blowing a gale and I only had time for very speedy scribbles using the Magic Marker app on my Samsung Galaxy Tablet. I did more work on it today. It became much more abstract; I was not interested in making something representational, but in exploring the lines. It was like those drawings you do as a child, where you scribble over a piece of paper and then fill in the spaces between the lines to see what you get.

High Winds And Fast Scribbles

29 Dec


Carrying on with the Xmas socialising today, Husb and I visited some friends who live way out in the countryside in the wilds of the Preseli Mountains. We went for a walk and because it was so blustery, I used my Samsung Galaxy Tablet for sketching,rather than my sketchbook which would have been unmanageable in the high winds.

Scribbling on the hoof means that I have to be quicker than usual, so I did some very speedy sketches and carried on working into them when I got back inside. Here’s the first of them. I just added some scribbly colours and gave a bit more emphasis to the tree and the fencing in the foreground. I used a free Magic Marker app.

More Lazy Scribbles

28 Dec

28 sparta

Lazing in bed this morning, before going out into the annual sales to buy next year’s birthday and Xmas presents (as I do because I’m an obsessive nutcase) I grabbed the Tablet and had a lazy scribble as Sparta Puss cwtched on the end of the bed. I don’t like it as much as conventional drawing materials but it’s certainly convenient. I used the free Magic Marker app on a Samsung Galaxy Tablet.

Fluffy Scribbles

27 Dec


I’m sitting in bed, it’s quite early. The storm is still raging outside and Little Ming is cwtched up next to me, so I grabbed my Tablet and tried out a few scribbles using the Magic Marker app. It’s convenient for practicing something like fur because I don’t have to faff around with different coloured media. And I don’t have to get out of bed and go get them. Result 🙂

And if I got out of bed, I’d disturb Little Ming and then my life would be Hell.

The Elder Dude Quietly Contemplates

26 Dec

elderly dude

I’ve been out and about and stuffing too much food for the past two days to do any drawing and I’m so stuffed I’m too lazy to sketch. So here’s a recent drawing, based on one in my sketchbook and redrawn over a solvent transfer print I made from an original digital photograph. It’s one of the collection in my current exhibition in The Brunswick which runs until early March. I like focussing on older people because they so rarely figure in contemporary art. Our population is ageing, art should reflect society, in my opinion. I drew this chap in a hospital waiting room, while he was quietly contemplating his hands.


Merry Christmas one and all

24 Dec

The real reason why Santa doesn’t come to Wales and we have to do all our Xmas shopping in the rain, from the madcap pen of Notsogreatdictator Smith

Merry Christmas one and all.

Nadolig Llawen

24 Dec

Sparta snowflake what

Here’s one of Husb’s drawings for a change. He caught Sparta Puss beautifully in this digital drawing. I played with it in Adobe Photoshop to make it Chrismassy. So Nadolig Llawen to everyone (that’s Merry Xmas in Welsh / Cymraeg).

Speedy Sprogs

23 Dec

23 sprogs 1

Today, Husb and I went to a family Xmas party which was overrun with sprogs and ankle-biters. I was put on tattoo duty, applying temporary tatts to tiny arms and faces but had a chance to scribble during lulls in demand for skin decor. The trouble with sprogs at a party is that they are hyped up to the max and stuffed full of sugar so there’s no chance that they’re going to be nice and still while I draw them.

23 sprogs 2

I had seconds to draw each figure which is just enough time to get a fleeting impression of form, movement and proportion before they’re up and off. Drawn into my cloth-bound A5 sketchbook with Faber Castell Pitt pens size F and M.

Death And The Tote Bags

22 Dec


spare egon mask

Husb and I went to the National Gallery in London a couple of days ago mainly to see the exhibition, ‘Facing The Modern, The Portrait In Vienna 1900‘. It’s a fabulous show with paintings, sculptures and drawings from Klimt, Schiele, Kokoschka and many others. One of the rooms featured portraits of the dead and dying, which were popular at the time, including the moving drawing of Edith Schiele by her husband just hours before her untimely death from Spanish Flu. He died three days later. Opposite her portrait is a glass case with the death masks of the artists Schiele and Klimt, composer Mahler and the architect Albert Loos. I stopped and drew Egon’s mask. His face seems small, peaceful, with very fine, delicate features. I was very moved by the art in this room; we rarely see such representations of death in our modern society. The only downside to the exhibition are the canvas tote bags in the National Gallery shop which are printed with the deathbed portrait of Edith Schiele. I thought it in poor taste, but maybe I’m being over-sensitive.

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