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Lifeboats And Betty Boop!

1 Dec

01 margam

Husb and I spent today with 4 generations of my family at Margam Park where three of the generations were running in the 1k funrun to raise funds for the Royal Naval Lifeboat Institution (RNLI). It’s a really good cause as the lifeboat service is voluntary and relies on public generosity to carry out its work. Unfortunately I couldn’t run becaue my knees are wrecked, too many years tearing around on motorbikes in all weathers in a miniskirt and fishnet tights! If I was a horse, they’d shoot me.

So I did cheering duties and some speed sketching of my youngest relatives, who look like little aliens. Their proportions are all wrong. Oversized eyes and skull, squishy little faces, HUGE cheeks and their ears are in the wrong place! They look like Betty Boop. And they don’t keep still! And you’re not allowed to sedate them these days 😉

It’s lovely to be part of a 4-generation family. I think it’s good for children to relate to older relatives who cover so much history between them and it’s delightful to see the very elderly and very young together.

Scribbled in haste into my A5 clothbound sketchbook with a Faber Castell Pitt drawing pen size F in sepia.

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