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Opposable Thumbs?

6 Dec

06 sparta

Greetings, apes. Sparta Puss here, on the ‘pooter box. The bald monkeys that I live with keep banging on about these opposable thumbs of theirs, like it’s such a big deal, and waving them at me and Ming the Merciless and laughing. Well, here’s the thing. They need the opposable thumbs to open the cat food pouches. And to make the factory that makes the cat food. And to build the warm, cosy house with the central heating and beds that I require for living in. They’d be useless servants without opposable thumbs and Ming the Merciless and I would have to kick them out. So I don’t know what they’ve got to be so snooty about. Idiots.

The she-ape has sticks with dirt in that she rubs over bits of paper and then says that they look like me. She’s an idiot.

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