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In Dylan’s Park

7 Dec

07 cwmdonkin

Had a lovely day, first at Uplands Outdoor Market, bought loads of wonderful local produce and some hand-made Xmas presents – result! Then picked up the little nephew and went to ‘A Child’s Mystical Xmas’ in Cwmdonkin Park.  It’s just around the corner from where Dylan Thomas grew up and he played in it throughout his childhood; it features in some of his work. The old bandstand has been turned into a very nice little cafe where we sat outside, it’s surprisingly warm, and had tea and Welsh cakes; I resisted the Christmas Pudding with Joe’s Icecream advertised on the chalkboard. I sketched the boy with his hot chocolate. He’s 9 now and his features are changing quickly, he doesn’t look so much like an alien and his nose is almost an adult shape.

Later on, we made lemon curd for more Xmas presents and Husb and the boy decorated the Xmas tree. Sparta the cat subverted them every step of the way. She’s delighted to have a tree to climb indoors 😦

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