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Some Days You Got It…..

12 Dec

…..and some days you don’t. And I just couldn’t get a handle on life drawing tonight at Swansea Print Workshop, so I switched from the full figure to a portrait, which worked better.

12 ben 1

This first figure was a fairly quick pose, about 10 minutes. There was a high spotlight on the model, throwing strong shadows, so I tried to focus on the chiaroscuro in the figure rather than linear detail.I’ve used a heavily textured hand-made paper that’s given a very fuzzy surface. I pre-coloured it with blue-black drawing ink and drew with black and white conte crayons.

12 ben 2

My next drawing failed completely and I’m not even going to show you! I switched to this portrait that took about 35 minutes, again focussing on light and shade. It’s a lighter, smoother paper, pre-coloured with pink and blue-black acrylic paint. Again, I used black and white conte crayon but added some extra strong lowlights with carbon.

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