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Hare Today

17 Jan

17 hare 2

*Groan*. Another hare pun 🙂 . Today I was at the Creative Bubble artspace in the city centre, with my colleagues Sylvie Evans and Graham Parker from the 15 Hundred Lives art collective, running another of our monthly public art events. We were joined by guest artist Patricia McKenna-Jones.

17 hare 3

Using the theme ‘Recycle’ we reused materials to create new artworks from scratch. I stuck loads of newspaper sheets together on the wall and practiced wildlife drawings with charcoal, chalk, carbon and oil pastels.

17 hare 4


I drew boxing hares today. They throw some amazing shapes when they’re fighting. Apparently it’s the female whacking the male to fend off unwanted amorous attention in Springime.



17 hare 5

We’re back again tomorrow, so if you’re in the area, please call in to Creative Bubble to have a chat, or maybe join in and do a bit of artwork. Today is Art’s Birthday and Husb and I are off out now in a minute to some of the arty birthday celebrations.

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