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Public Pop Ups

20 Jan


The 15 Hundred Lives art collective that I’m a member of has been doing these 2-day events monthly in Swansea since the summer, partly to get the benfits of working in a large space with other artists. But also to open up the process to the public.


We are committed to democratising art and getting art out of ‘white cubes’ and into public places. We publicise these events extensively via Facebook and through the local press, who really like our approach to public involvement. The venue, Creative Bubble, is building a reputation as a public artspace.

kids groupEach month each event brings in people of all ages, professional and hobby artists along with members of the public who are interested and want to see what’s going on.

pop up

We also have a table stocked with basic drawing and painting materials  and people can join in and paint, draw, collage onto paper plates which we then display on the walls as a public pop-up gallery.


Some artists want an opportunity to put their work-in-progress up and talk to people about it, getting valuable feedback, like Melanie Ezra above.

me seren 1

And we get new experiences too. Here I am being painted by a toddler.

owain steffan

And here’s a little artist proudly showing his collage and a tiny critic showing his appreciation.





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