Foxy Finale

I’ve been taking part in a Facebook daily drawing challenge for February and this is the last one. The month’s flown by. I’ve done quite a bit of practice on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 and also been practicing drawing British wildlife from Internet stock photos. I’ve enjoyed it and I’ll probably carry on forContinue reading “Foxy Finale”


Today was one bureaucratic mess! I’ve been planning something really big for months now and I was hoping to make it public today but bureaucracy has gotten in the way and I have to spend more time getting paperwork and forms together and travelling hundreds of miles to get the documentation I need. Pain inContinue reading “Bureaucracy!”

The Quick Brown Fox

I’ve no idea if the fox is quick – but the drawing is. It’s getting late and I need to blog quickly so here’s a speedy digital sketch done on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. I used an Internet stock photo as the subject. I put in a background using several layers of light coloursContinue reading “The Quick Brown Fox”

Sleeping Fox

Bogged down in admin most of the day. Planning something big and the next 2 days are crucial. If it comes off, I can reveal all by the end of the week! Meanwhile, it’s hard to find the time to do anything creative so I’m keeping on with the practice drawings on my Samsung GalaxyContinue reading “Sleeping Fox”


Husb and I were visiting family this evening, very dark and wet, when we saw something in the headlights run across the road up ahead. A fox! Rather a beautiful one, sleek and well fed with a huge, fluffy, white-tipped brush. I’ve only seen an urban fox a handful of times in my entire lifeContinue reading “Foxy”

Slobbing With Raphael

I’m bone idle and slobbed out in front of the telly with the fab book on Raphael that Husb got me for Xmas. So my daily scribble is a study after a Raphael sketch drawn on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. I’ve saved the drawing at different stages and made a slideshow so you canContinue reading “Slobbing With Raphael”

Drawing In Darkness

Husb and I went to Taliesin Arts Centre this evening to see a version of Dreyer’s 1932 silent film, Vampyr accompanied by live musicians. It was fantastic. I had a bash at drawing in the dark, using a complete set of sepia Faber Castell Pitt drawing pens in sizes S, F, M and B andContinue reading “Drawing In Darkness”

Another Digital Nude

We always finish with a long, one-hour, pose at Thursday night’s life drawing group at Swansea Print Workshop. I couldn’t be bothered to pack my drawing bag, if I’m honest, so I just took my Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet and used the free Markers app. I’m learning more and more about the digital approachContinue reading “Another Digital Nude”

A Quick Nude

Just back from life drawing at Swansea Print Workshop and I did this on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 (8 inch) using a free Markers app. The pose was 25 minutes long. Very tricky foreshortening, really hard. With this app, I need to put in a solid background before drawing so I usually lay downContinue reading “A Quick Nude”

After da Vinci, with a cat

Another of my practice pieces copying Renaissance drawings. This time a little sketch by da Vinci of a small child playing with a cat. The original is very rough and sketchy, very lively. I guess it had to be that way because a cat and small child are not going to stay still for moreContinue reading “After da Vinci, with a cat”