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Raphael’s Quickie

12 Feb


I’m continuing to practice from my book of Renaissance drawings using my Samsung Galaxy tablet. This is after a sketch by Raphael. The original was obviously done quickly and it’s very free. I haven’t tried to copy it exactly, line for line, because that would make it rather stiff. I started off by installing a mottled background because paper in Renaissance times tended to be a bit rough and pure white paper would be rare and expensive. The baby is very stylised and typical of the period. I think that these days, he’d probably be considered a bit too chubby.


Early V-Day Love

12 Feb

This marvellous blog shows how people are working together to improve the quality of their lives and employment prospects in a part of Pakistan that has been terribly affected by terrorism. Terrific hope for the future.

Birth Pangs of a Startup

In Pakistan there is a big debate every year over whether we should celebrate Valentine’s Day or not. The debauch liberals are all in favor. The enlightened moderate ones (ah Musharraf … you made the term famous) say sure, but only with your spouses. The flag-bearers of our morality, the ones who have sworn to save their brethren from hell-fire are strictly against. Either way, here is 2014’s V-Day just a few days away. And this brings me to my new love.

Basecamp is a co-working space in … wait for it … PESHAWAR! Yeah ok so 2 weird things there. The name, Basecamp, itself. Isn’t that an online project management website? Then second even CRAZIER thing. It’s in Peshawar!!! Isn’t that the crazy city at the Afghan border hit by the worse strain of terrorism of any urban area in Pakistan?

Hang on. Let me get to each…

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